Syksy on sisustajan suosikkikausi – hanki uutta ilmettä meiltä!

Idän sydän in English

Company Idän sydän, name translates as ”The heart of the East”, is born out of a love for nature, more specifically the precious  landscape of Kainuu region.  The idea of promoting local arts and photography has matured in the mind of its founder Sanna Kyllönen as she sampled with a camera in the forests of Lentiira, admired the paintings of her friend Minna and curated a nature photopraphy exhibition by Ville Heikkinen.

A decisive impetus for the arts online store was given by the encounter with the Aina bear, found as an orphan, in the courtyard of a private home in Lentiira. From the photographs of the endearing bear cub, Sanna first made postcards, magnets and finally also wall boards, which aroused great admiration. It was time to develop idea further.

Kainuu’s nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The four seasons and the variation of the bright weather ensure that the day always rises as new. Therefore, the idea of ​​Idän sydän is not limited to beautifying homes with the help of decorative images. In the future, the we will also organize excursions, workshops and other events related to nature and art in Lentiira.